5 Big Challenges for a Web Design Novice

Web design encompasses many skills. As a novice, you don’t have the experience to back you up yet. Naturally, you’d be making design mistakes. It helps if you have a mentor around to teach you. Or, that you’ve been practicing on your own for some time.

E-commerceBut now that you’re about to enter the world of the big leagues (in the web design field), you need some traction to get your designs noticed. As of the moment, you’re principally working blind. All you’ve got working for you is talent. But sometimes, talent means nothing if you don’t use it, search for some good web designers and talk about it with them, you’ll learn a lot.

Another IT support challenge that a web designer faces every day in the Brisbane workplace, is the constant barrage of Windows based malware on their computer.

Web Design Blunders

Being a novice shouldn’t stop you from creating the best web designs people have ever seen. There are so many techniques to use today that should make the work relatively easy. If design becomes a challenge at first, take it from the experts and learn from their mistakes.

All you need is to avoid these 5 problems which every novice web designer has been challenged with:

  • Poor readabilityWhat makes a website click is content. If the ones you’re using aren’t engaging enough at first glance, it won’t even get noticed. The user would just leave the page right away. Avoid using fonts that are “too designer” for a simple user to appreciate. Always check for spelling and language issues. Size also matters in terms of the text. If you don’t pay attention to small details like this, the design already has a flaw from the beginning.
  • Huge Flash introduction – Flash-based special effects are outdated. They’re never used for one reason – they take time to load. Users don’t have the patience to wait for that. When you have a website that’s slow to load in normal circumstances, then the design has failed right from the get-go.
  • Pop ups and broken back buttons – If what the end users see on the sight are broken buttons or too many pop ups, then the web design has failed in one crucial thing – re-direction. That means if pop ups appear, you should be able to click on the back button fast enough so you won’t get stuck with an annoying ad.
  • Many moving elements – Any website that has many moving parts are considered too distracting to the user. Remember that users are visually motivated. If they see too many things on one glance, it’s easy to get confused. In the end, they’d decide to leave and not bother with your site anymore.
  • Difficult navigation system – A design that’s visually engaging is good but it has to have the important features present as well. For example, you should be able to see a search button on the visual field of the user. Fail that and the entire design is doomed. Not finding the search button turns off the appeal. A good web design should direct the user to content or important features right away.

To be considered a professional at web design even at the novice level means you know what NOT to do. If you can master your skills, gain some experience and then be able to solve design problems right away, you’re on point to becoming the best in your field. If you’re really having trouble, have a look at hiring a web designer.