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5 Good Habits Every Design Agency Should Develop To Boost Productivity in 2018

These days, everything is about speed and productivity. You need to be able to deliver fast results but at the same time, you need to deliver quality services and products. Times, technology and consumer habits are changing fast. Nobody has

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Today we have the pleasure to introduce you to our favorite designer of this week, Miloš Milovanović. The Serbian graphic designer and illustrator is currently living in a small town called Trstenik. He affirms that he is “obsessed with vintage

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5 Best RSS Aggregator Plugins for WordPress

Regardless of what kind of WordPress website you’re running, chances are an RSS aggregator plugin can help you deliver more value through it. RSS feeds give you the option to curate content from multiple sources and share it with your

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The term “User Experience” was first coined by Don Norman, to describe the importance of user-centered design. This concept outlines the fact that design decisions should be solely based on the needs of the users. UX Design involves the analytical

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Best Free Scroll To Top JavaScript Plugins & Snippets

Out of all the free scripts on the web there’s nothing simpler than a scroll-to-top snippet. This adds a small arrow near the bottom of the page which, when… The post Best Free Scroll To Top JavaScript Plugins & Snippets

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Taking the Photography in Your Web Design to the Next Level

Everyone knows that the internet is a visual medium, but not everyone knows how to get the most out of their images. Used well, the photography in your website design can evoke a strong response in your viewers, whether it

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How to Set New Default Apps in Windows 10

I am not a big fan of Windows 10 built-in apps, which is why I always download third-party alternatives that are usually more powerful. However, this also forces me to manage default apps frequently. Unfortunately, Windows 10 has a completely

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50 Cheatsheets & Infographics for Social Media Marketers

Being a social media marketer, you need to be constantly updated with the new trends and technology. Although there are a lot of ways to update yourself in this area like, workshops, online courses, and ebooks for social media marketers

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How to Generate Traffic to Your Website by Using Attractive Graphics Design

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. When given 15 minutes to spend on a web page, users will prefer to read something with beautiful design elements, rather than look at long chunks of text. If you run a

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Recently, I switched my ISP and suddenly noticed slower browsing and server connection failures even though my internet speed was fine. I figured out that it had to do something with my DNS server, so I switched to a better

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