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Apple Will Release 217 New Emojis and We Have A Sneak Peek of What They Might Look Like

I don’t know about you, but when I text, I use a lot of emojis to express myself. Maybe too many. And there were so many times where there just wasn’t an emoji I needed to express myself, or something

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Latest web design News

Every week users submit a lot of interesting stuff on our sister site Webdesigner News, highlighting great content from around the web that can be of interest to web designers. The best way to keep track of all the great

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7 Telltale Signs of Facebook Addiction

Facebook has become so much a part of our life now that with close to a billion users out there, one can easily throw a stone and hit a Facebook user. User engagement in Facebook activities, like updating statuses, posting

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When Does Emotional Design Cross a Line?

Designing for emotion in and of itself is not a problem. Websites are bound to elicit an emotional reaction from visitors, even if it’s as simple as them feeling at ease because of the soft, pastel color palette you’ve designed

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6 Best WordPress Landing Page Plugins Compared (2020)

Are you struggling to grow your email list and generate more leads? Are you having trouble signing up people for your webinars? Landing pages are the solution to all… The post 6 Best WordPress Landing Page Plugins Compared (2020) appeared

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The Top Blogging Platforms of the Year (2020)

Deciding to start a blog, whether it be for personal or professional use, is a great idea. With the rise in internet activity, especially on mobile devices, it makes… The post The Top Blogging Platforms of the Year (2020) appeared

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Why Are All Sites Optimizing For Smartphones?

Sites were developed for desktop devices at first but as the worldwide smartphone usage rate increased so did the site developers look for other ways to fit the desktop sensation into the much smaller screen. Mobile optimized sites offer a

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Latest wordpress web design News

WordPress is an easy CMS to run your blog. So much easy to use that it now powers more than 30% of the web. You can write, edit, and publish your post in a very convenient interface. However, when it

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The Latest Research for Web Designers, September 2020

In today’s look at the latest research for web designers, we’re going to look at studies and reports from Payoneer, Robert Half, Hootsuite, and Contentsquare to see what they have to say about things like: Current freelancer demand Web designer

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Should We Be Designing For Voice?

Voice is one aspect of technology that is getting bigger and bigger, and showing little sign of relenting. In fact, 2019 data revealed that 22% of UK households owned a voice-controlled digital home assistant device such as an Amazon Echo

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