How to Hire a web designer

How to Hire Outsourced Website Design in Brisbane

In the absence of knowledge, get someone who has it.

That’s certainly true in most industries these days. That’s why outsourcing is a big deal. And it could also be true in Brisbane website design.

Design matters. That’s true of the modern internet. But if you couldn’t find a local website-building professional to deliver the goods, where would you go?

Web designers take care of layouts, graphics, text and site navigation. They also write code and implement it. It’s the design that communicates to prospective customers. And as such, it’s a very important part of any business.

It’s important to check the competencies of your network before deciding to outsource. If none will fit your needs, that’s the time to look at third party options.

How do you decide which one to go for? Here are some tips.

The first promising candidate isn’t always the best one.

It’s not always wise to go with the first candidate that looks promising. When meeting developers, you need to weigh the positives they could offer and be careful of the mistakes. Once you have decided on whom to hire, you also need to make sure that you,

  • Check previous clients’ websites – you want to see how well those projects turned out and how their experience with the designers went
  • Do an online search – don’t limit yourself with Google or Yahoo. Check forums and look for possible red flags. Individual data may not mean a lot but patterns tend to be accurate.
  • Ask for specific references – if there are previous clients whose project is relevant to your own, pay close attention. You also want to find out if those former customers were satisfied.
  • Customer service – does the web designer have customer service support? How well do they communicate with each other and with clients? Can they give timely updates?
  • Don’t go unprepared – you’ll be making a commitment. So make sure you ask all relevant questions you need to before signing on the dotted line. You might want to anticipate difficulties and bring it out on the table to make sure it will be covered if and when it does happen.
  • Finally, take the scientific approach. Do not shy away from testing your hypothesis about the developer. Gather your data and check for evidence to dispute it.

Relationships matter. So before taking the plunge, you might also want to consider whether you’ll keep the developer on call if and when changes are needed.

Hiring an outsourced web designer can be a tedious process. But if the future of your website is at stake, the risk can just be worth it.